The New York Frank

This hot dog has a storied identity, one of which is based on an era of Vintage out door dining. It evokes the unique charm of timeless memories and landmarks that make this city so great. Enjoy America's classic creation chargrilled and bursting with flavor. We add a hint of old fashioned deli mustard to awaken your appetite to a possible second! Or you can opt for ketchup , relish, and onions, its all up to you! 

The Southern Comfort

Relax and enjoy the Southern comfort of warm chili, & sweet onions, add a hint of tangy and savory slaw & a drizzle of BBQ sauce if you really want to satisfy your guilt.

Le Haute Dog

A Healthy and vegan friendly sausage dog deliciously seasoned with tofu protein, sun dried tomatoes and basil, grilled to perfection and garnished with onions, dill relish , mustard & ketchup. Bon appe'tit!

Dogs on Wheels Hotdogs and Event Catering.

A Taste of Nostalgia

"Famous classic Eats made to relish the moment..."

Kidz Snack Pak

A kids favorite made with love & a whole lot of fun! The choice of a plain hot dog or topped with mustard and/or ketchup, a juice box & fruit cup. 


Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Classic Lays or Barbecue chips.......


Include bottled soft drinks, water .........................................................